The basics of Search Engine Optimization

Google Algo 2015 05 12Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a difficult topic for people when they first start. The basic issue is that beginners do not understand the size and scope of the Internet. They start with content, because everyone tells them that CONTENT IS KING and GOOGLE LOVES ORIGINAL CONTENT. All true. But the problem is that everybody already knows this. So there are teams and teams and teams of people out there making unique content. And this will just not get the job done.

After a while, the SEO beginner starts to realize that backlinks are how Google really operates. And this is where they will get into trouble. They will start over linking and doing things that Google and the SEO community say are NOT okay. Don’t fall into this trap.

Then the reality sets in that this is a much more difficult task then people wanted to realize at first. There are companies that spend years on a single keyword phrase. And as a beginner, you are sitting at your keyboard wondering how you will get this done. Yes, SEO is hard.

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